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YAMAHA ENDURO AUTOLUBE —What is Yamaha Autolube, Features of Yamaha Autolube 

CHAPTER 2. YAMAHA AUTOLUBE (Automatic, Separate Lubricating System)

2-1 What is YAMAHA Autolube?
Conventional 2-stroke engines are lubricated by oil premix. in gasoline, but YAMAHA's Autolube furnishes an automatic, separate lubrication system That is, the oil in a Separate oil tank is automatically regulated by the oil pump and fed to the engine according to engine speed and load.

Yamaha DT400 carburetor

2-2 Features of YAMAHA Autolube
The oil pump is driven by the engine through a reduction gear, and is connected to the carburetor throttle cable, which in turn is controlled by the accelerator grip. The oil pump automatically regulates the volume of lubricating oil according to engine speed and throttle valve opening, thus pumping the precise amount of oill for engine lubrication under any operating condition.

This "automatic, separate lubrication" does not merely eliminate disadvantages in the conventional pre-mix system, but it further improves the performance and efficiency of 2-stroke designs by eliminating certain oil-starvation conditions which formerly existed..

A) The Autolube feeds an optimum amount of lubricating oil to the engine under any operating condition, thus featuring.
• Less oil consumption.
• Less carbon accumulation.
• Less exhaust smoke.
• Improved lubricating efficiency.

B) The Autolube simplifies fuel supply, thus featuring:
• Using straight gasoline directly in the gas tank.
• Less fuel contamination.

C) The Autolube improves the reliability of lubrication, thus eliminating:
• Special care concerning oil/fuel mixing ratio.

Handling the Oil Pump